[Leish-l] Clarification: questionnaire on public health impact of Leishmania in European Union

Umberto Vesco umberto_vesco at yahoo.it
Fri Mar 19 09:11:55 BRT 2010

Dear Colleagues,

Recently, I submitted an e-mail message to the list,  about a Questionnaire on public health impact of   Leishmania in European Union, inviting you to fill in a  questionnaire on the importance for public health of Leishmania in each EU Member State.

Regretfully, such a questionnaire was the result of a misunderstanding of the objectives of the call for tender by EFSA which is limited to data collection on animals.

As a consequence, I am asking you not to fill such a questionnaire, and I thank those of you that had already filled it. 
However, I am extremely sorry to inform you that data gathered through this questionnaire will not be analyzed and the results will not be published in the final report of the contract.

I also clarify that the consortium mentioned in the presentation of the questionnaire is solely responsible for sending the questionnaire to you, and it was sent without previous agreement by EFSA TaskForce on zoonoses.

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that our action might have caused and I remain available for further clarification.

Best regards,
Umberto Vesco


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