adress of Dr CH Nery Costa

Jean-Claude Dujardin jcdujard at
Wed Nov 8 10:47:14 BRST 2000

Dear Dr Altamirano, I have been working since 10 years on molecular
epidemiology of leishmaniasis in Peru and built-up an evolutionary
hypothesis on the origin of the disease on the Pacific coast, where
most mummies were encountered. You may find a recent paper on that
subject in a recent issue of the Mem.Inst.Oswaldo Cruz

Genomic Rearrangements in Trypanosomatids: an Alternative to the "One
Gene" Evolutionary Hypotheses? 

Vol. 95(4): 527-534, Jul./Aug. 2000 

JC Dujardin/+, J Henriksson*, K Victoir, S Brisse**, D Gamboa/***, J
Arevalo***, D Le Ray 

Further information are directly available at my mail 
<jcdujard at>
By the way, there seems to be a mistake in the e-mail adress of Dr 

Yours sincerely
Jean-Claude Dujardin

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