Leish in Brazil

Deborah Salazar dasalazar at mail.utexas.edu
Mon Jun 12 10:20:29 BRT 1995

>O que esta acontecendo no controle da leishmaniose no Brasil? Aqui na  
>Alemanha a gente nao tem informacoes recentes. Vou dar uma palestra sobre  
>isso e quero que seja completo. As minhas questioes sao
>        Are there surveillance systems for leishmaniasis in Brazil
>        Is vector control been undertaken? Reservoir control?
>        Does health education in endemic areas refer to leishmaniasis?
>Qualquer resposta sera bemvinda e valorizada! Kai Zwingenberger
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I have worked on the border of Venezuela and Brazil where ther is endemic 
leishmaniasis.  The people in the region are familiar with the disease but 
have become more "afraid" of it since local health officials have begun to 
acknowledge its presence.  Treatment with glucantil is hard to get, the 
medicine is rare and expensive.  Corruption plays a significant role--theft 
of glucantil has been reported by health workers who want to make sure a 
supply is available for "their village".  Some people from Venezuela cross 
into Brazil (on the border or near Boa Vista) in search of medicines.    

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