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mic area could be a risk and have a coast on human health if it appears any=
 resistance of Leishmania in dogs, so we cannot use this drug for human.

This is my view point.


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We are an inter species society. Life can=C2=B4t be separated into degrees =

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> In Paraguay we have growing proliferation of dogs with leishmaniasis (L.
> infantum) since the 1990s.
> But dog owners with leishmaniasis are increasingly reluctant to sacrifice
> their animals. In recent years Glucantime and Milteforan are entering the
> country smuggled (apparently they come from France and Spain), for "free"
> use in dogs. These medications are currently being used indiscriminately =
> veterinarians who, for profit, take advantage of the need that people hav=
> to want to preserve the lives of their pets.
> Under this scenario, hundreds of dogs have already been treated with thes=
> drugs, perhaps a thousand in a few years, and the magnitude of the proble=
> will increase.
> However, the authorities of the Ministry of Health do not take any
> measures, despite the existence of recommendations that these drugs are
> exclusively for human use.
> The purpose of this sharing is, dear colleagues, that you express your
> position regarding this situation, at least in this way, and what would b=
> the impact this could have at the international level. Your joint voice
> will be better heard than the simple complaint I may make.
> Rolando Oddone
> Paraguay
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