[Leish-l] About theory of an Amazonian origin of tegumentary leishmaniasis

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Dear Mary,
I would recommend to check Harkins et al. (2016) and Steverding (2017),
which have interesting information. I have their pdfs.
   On Amazonian origin of *Leishmania*, I cannot remember information.

Sincerely yours
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Em dom, 30 de jun de 2019 às 21:33, Maxy De los Santos <dmaxy at hotmail.com>

> Dear all
> I am writing an article about genetic population of L. (V.) braziliensis
> in Peru and I need some information about the possible causes of
> distribution of the disease associated with a possible event of gene flow.
> I read the article of Dr. Bedoya-Pacheco about Endemic Tegumentary
> Leishmaniasis in Brazil 2011 when he talks about the theory of an Amazonian
> origin of Tegumentary Leishmaniasis and give as citation the article
> Tegumentary and visceral leishmaniasis in Brazil, Marzochi & Marzochi 1994
> but this article only describe the epidemiological situation and
> distribution of the disease, the types of parasites, possible vectors and
> reservoirs involved, also different strategies of control, but nothing
> about the theory.
> Other article Population Structure and evidence for both clonality and
> recombination ...by Katrin Kuhls et al 2013 also refer the article from Dr.
> Bedoya-Pacheco (2011) as the hypothesis of an Amazon origin of CL in
> Brazil. But this article only show a picture without explanation about this
> hypothesis or theory.
> Could any please give me the exact article or reference where describe the
> hypothesis or theory about the origin of CL in Brazil?
> Thanks so much for your help.
> Regards
> Dr. Maxy De los Santos
> Parasitology Department
> NAMRU-6, Lima
> Venezuela Avenue block 36
> Bellavista, Callao-2
> Lima, Perú
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