[Leish-l] What are the most polemic issues in leishmaniasis?

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Dear Carlos,
I think Leishmania classification should be updated.  I have problem with identification of Leishmania isolates based on non-biological markers.  The ones used, i.e. genetic markers (not associated with known biological activity), iso-enzymes electrophoresis (all the isoenzymes have the same biological activity and changes somewhere in the enzyme molecule cause different electrophoretic migration).  Now that we know conjugation (transfer of genetic material from one to another Leishmania) occur, and with the whole genome sequencing available, isn't it time to look for biological markers?  The tools used, have helped us establish the evolutionary trees but do not help us in knowing what kind of disease each isolate will produce, their vector specificity, etc.  I realize that disease outcome also depends on host response, but still some better markers may be identified.
What do you think?
All the best,

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Hi Carlos,

I´m curious about these:

-          "Leishmania siamensis": causing dermal and visceral human leishmaniasis in Thailand, cutaneous equine and bovine leishmaniasis in central Europe, and equine cutaneous leishmanaisis in USA.

Is it really the same parasite in all cases, it is a new Leishmania specie emerging worldwide?

-          Leishmania in Macropods and its transmission by midges (Ceratopogonidae), not sandflies.

-          Control strategies for ZVL in South America: alternatives for dog culling.

All the best,


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What are the most polemic issues in leishmaniasis?

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