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Qari Hilal Ahmad Rabbani swo_qari at
Mon Jan 29 20:00:06 BRST 2001

Assalam Alaikum

Dear Sir/Madam

Khaliq Dina Hall Library Association has been providing citizens with their
literary need since its inception in 1856. Every day more than 400 people
benefit from this renowned library. We feel gratified that we have been
support the spread of knowledge for almost 150 years.

We would be grateful if your organization could provide us with any form of
educational material. Books, newspapers and periodicals and also accepted
with gratitude. We have over 20,000 rare books in the library and receive 72
newspapers, magazine and periodicals from all over the world.

We are convinced that you will support our drive to secure better education
the deprived actions of our population. Knowledge, both traditional and
coexist in our library and requires constant additions. We trust that you
add us to your mailing list and will send us any type of book, magazine or
periodicals. Language is no bar on knowledge transcends linguistic barriers.

There are other ways that you can help us in this noble cause. We produce an
annual souvenir which carries various advertisements. These ads go a long
in training our other social welfare activities. If you wish to place an ad
our souvenir please let us know by e-mail. We will provide you all the

We hope that you will join us in our endeavour to keep the torch of learning
burning brightly. We have you perseverd for 144 years in this task and
Insha-allah will continue to do so. With your help.

Qari Hilal Ahmed Rabbani
Honorary Chief Librarian & Senior Vice President
Khaliq Dina Hall Library Association
M.A.Jinnah Road, Karachi-74200,

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