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>>  Hi,
>>  Please, Could you send me, where can we find commercial kits for =
>>  diagnosis of Leishmania antibodies. Thanks,
>>  With Best Wishes
>>  Dr Sultan Tanriverdi
>Best regards
>Jacques lamothe
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This is what I got from: WWW.BVT.COM

http://www.bvt.com/aboutbvt.htm> About BVT

BVT is a dynamic, cutting edge financial investment and service
enterprise with an international aim. The first company was founded
in Munich, Germany, in 1976. Owned by Harald von Scharfenberg it
quickly expanded to be one of the biggest fund initiators in Germany,
engaged in four major sectors of fund conception. BVT has
successfully merged investment capital with investment opportunities
in a variety of industries. BVT92s activities in these various
endeavors extend throughout Europe, Canada and the United States, and
are based on four primary business areas:

  1 US Real Estate (mainly neighborhood, grocery anchored shopping
  2 German Real Estate (office buildings, community centers)
  3 Environmental Protection and Energy Production (power plants,
    wind farms)
  4 Industrial Entrepreneurial Private Placements.


Surely that is not the correct Url??

Peter Singfield / Belize

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