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Ce médicament est disponible en Italie sous la dénomination de
GABBRIOMYCINE. La posologie conseillée varie de 10 à 20 mg/kg  en 2 injections
à 15 mg/kg en une injection quotidienne.  La durée du traitement varie de 2 à
semaines. Sa néphrotoxicité et sa neurotoxicité en limitent l'emploi.  

A lot of protocols exist 15 mg kg sc 15 to 21 days OR  5 to 10 mg kg bid
Side effects :nephrotoxicity and dwarfness In europe italian vet use it

Iam a french vet ( practicionner) and its my first message on the list.
Iapologize for my english.I am interested in canine leish ( therapeutic
diagnosis and clinical aspects)
I published in a french rewiew a paper about the use of amphotericin b to
treat dogs

Summary of this paper


Amphotericin B is an antibiotic used for the treatment of systemic mycoses.
This report deals with the treatment of 39 dogs with severe leishmaniosis. The
drug is administred intraveinously as a rapid bolus (during15 to 45 seconds)
at the dosage of 0,5 to 0,8 mg/kg two or three times a week until the
cumulative dose reaches 2 to 15 mg/kg. The dosage of 0,5 to 0,8 mg/kg
intraveinously as a rapid bolus twice a week until the cumulative dose reaches
8 to 16 mg/kg or more gives good results in this study. Serum creatinine
measurements are performed once a week and the treatment is stopped when
exceed 25 mg/l (220µmol/l). 
 Sine 5 years i treat dogs with this drug and i have good results. We have
also good results with the combination glucantime allopurinol but the
treatment is much more longer and expensive ( FERRER glucantime 75 mg kg 20 to
50 days and allopurinol 20 to 30 mg kg bid 12 month)
i can send a reprint ( or an email ) of my paper 

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