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Al Ivens a.ivens at ic.ac.uk
Tue May 19 12:51:07 BRT 1998

Dear everyone,


As part of the transition to functional genomics, the Leishmania Genome
Network (LGN) WWW site (above) has recently undergone another major
refurbishment.  This has added more functionality, both literally and

New or updated features now include:

 *  the definitive Leishmania major Friedlin karyotype

 *  cosmid contig, physical map and probe data

 *  individual chromosome pages that include:
    -> links to data for cosmids that have been sequenced
    -> probes that map to that chromosome

 *  genomic sequencing, with linked lists of the cosmids sequenced to date

 *  listings of EST and non-EST sequences with ENTREZ and BLAST data links

 *  fully revamped BLAST "entry page" that includes: 
    -> BLAST analyses of all Leishmania sequences against nr, dbEST and
    -> individual pages for each accession number that include BLAST
data/best alignments 
    -> direct links to NCBI BLAST or Parasite Genome BLAST server for
species-specific analyses

 *  some initial "in silico" functional analyses of Leishmania sequences
    -> "high-similarity" hits
    -> "putative function" inference of ESTs
    -> derivation of a minimal set of EST clones suitable for
microchip/array technologies

Your comments and criticisms are welcomed.  Also, please remember that the
LGN is not an exclusive group, and that we actively encourage your

With best wishes,

Al Ivens
Secretary of the LGN
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Hear from you soon!

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