Post-doctoral position available at the FDA

Rick Kenney rkenney at
Wed Aug 19 19:26:16 BRT 1998

Fellow leishmaniacs -

        There is an opening for a post-doctoral fellow to train in
leishmaniasis, specifically in examining the molecular consequences of
parasite infection of human macrophage using a cytokine receptor system we
have been studying.  The position is for two or more years and the stipend
is fixed, depending on the level of education and experience. The Center
for Biologics Evaluation and Research of the USFDA is located on the campus
of National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, just outside
Washington, DC.

	Responsibilities are solely based in the laboratory - no regulatory
duties are assigned.  All the facilities of the laboratory are available in
terms of parasite and human cell culture, molecular and biochemical
studies, immunological assays, etc., and necessary equipment that we might
not have can generally be found elsewhere in CBER or purchased.  Parasites
of many leishmania species are cultured routinely in our laboratory.
Normal human macrophages are available from PBMC donor packs.  In addition,
we have active clinical protocols with investigators in India and Brazil as
the foundation for collaborative studies.

        Three to four months will be required to finalize the paperwork and
a visa.  If this type of work is of interest, let me know briefly by Sept.
1st via fax or email and include a Curriculum Vitae.  Candidates will need
to submit a research proposal (three to five pages) outlining a possible
plan of investigation that will serve as the basis for their work here.  I
will forward the necessary application materials and answer any questions
once I hear from you.


Rick Kenney

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