Leiishman: his biography

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>>Dear Colleague,
>>I am researching the question of early/earliest taxonomy of phlebotomus,
>>in particular the questions:
>>-who/when first published the term(s) PAPATACI PAPPATASII PAPATATSII?
>>-what are dates etc. of the man LEISHMAN?
>>Your help will be much appreciated.
>>J P Maher

Phlebotomus (Phlebotomus) papatasi (Scopoli) in "Deliciae florae et fauna
insubricae" 1786, 1: 55, were Scopoli describes Bibio papatasi. Amended
several times until de Agassiz 1846.  Phlebotomus papatasii (See Abonnenc,
1972  in "Les Phlebotomes de la Region Ethiopienne" Orstom.for more details)
and Parissotologia Vol 33 (suupplement) 1991 for more historical details.

Sir William  Boog Leishman 1865- 1926 
Charles Donovan 1863- 1951 
Short Biographies appear in The National Medical Journal of  India Vol 7.
No. 4 pp196. followed by reprints of their early work.

I hope this helps,

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