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>                                      Asuncion, the 10th of November  
>Dear Sirs,
>my name is Ingrid Wunderle and right now I am participating at a 
>study in Paraguay about the affection of Leishmaniasis to the eye.
>By chance I found your e-mail-address in an article. I would like to 
>ask you if you do have any more information that might have to do and 
>help us with our study. If you do have, could you be so kind as to 
>inform me about it, sending an e-mail to the following address:
>iics at    (subject: "para Ingrid")
>This is the address of the research-institute called "Instituto de 
>Investigaciones en Ciencias de la Salud"in Asuncion. Besides, the 
>Hospital of Eyes in Muenchen is involved in this study.
>I thank you very much!
>Yours faithfully,
>Ingrid Wunderle
>Instituto de Investigaciones en Ciencias de la Salud
>Rio de la Plata y Lagerenza
>Asuncion - Paraguay
>Tel. (595-21) 423-618
>Fax  (595-21) 480-185
Dear Ingrid, 
There is a paper in The "Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical
Medicine and Hygiene" 1991 by El- Hassan  AM et al describing the presence
of parasites in a lesion of Post Kala Azar anterior uveitis. I don't know
of any other references regarding eye infections with leishmanai

Hope this helps

Christopher Peacock
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