Leishmaniasis in dogs

Laura Lopez-Rebollar LAURA at moon.ovi.ac.za
Wed Jun 26 08:08:56 BRT 1996

Dear Thomas:

I have a couple of recent references about treatment of 
leishmaniasis, I hope that they can be of any help.

Belloti, C., Ceci, L., Carli, S., Tassi, P., Montesissa, C., 
De Natale, G., Marcotrigiano, G., Ormas, P. 1995. Disposition of 
antimony and aminosidine in dogs after administration separately and 
together: implications for therapy of leishmaniasis. Research in 
Veterinary Science. 58: 123-127.

Liste, F., Gascon, M. 1995. Allopurinol in the treatment of canine 
visceral leishmaniasis. The Veterinary Record. 137: 23-24.

Palacio, J., Liste, F., Gascon, M. 1995. Urinary protein/creatinine 
ratio in the evaluation of renal failure in canine leishmaniasis. The 
Veterinary Record. 137: 567-568.

Olliaro, P.L., Bryceson, A.D.M. 1993. Practical progress and new 
drugs for changing patterns of leishmaniasis. Parasitology Today.
Vol 9, No. 9, 323-328.

The World Health Organization has a web page on Leishmaniasis:

And also the Thomas Jefferson University:

I really hope your dog recovers well.

All the best


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