Fw: RE: Occurance of leishmaniasis in Southeast Asia

Dr Robert Davidson r.n.davidson at ic.ac.uk
Wed Jun 5 09:32:17 BRT 1996

I suggest you talk to Philippe Desjeux, Medical Officer for Leish control,
WHO, Geneva on ++ 41 22 791 3870 or fax ++ 41 22 791 0746.
In the WHO publication "Information on the Epidemiology and Control of the
Leishmaniases by country or territory" (WHO/LEISH/91.30) there is no mention
of the countries you list. Other texts state them to be unaffected. The
distribution of sandlfiles is probably the key to this -
again, standard texts show them to be absent from SE Asia
Robert Davidson

In message Tue, 4 Jun 1996 15:55:33 -0300,
  "Micah I. Krichevsky" <>  writes:

> I would very much appreciate information on the occurance of leishmaniasis
> in Southeast Asia. There seems to be confusing information on which
> countries have which organisms (if at all). The special need is for
> information on those countries in the Mekong watershed, i.e., Vietnam,
> Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, and China.
> Any information or leads to sources of information would be most
> appreciated.
> Thanks for your help in this matter.
> Micah Krichevsky
> Bionomics International
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> Fax       1-301-881-1625
> Internet  micahk at helix.nih.gov or micahk at atcc.org

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