Transfusional transmission of Visceral Leishmaniasis

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Wed Mar 22 19:27:37 BRT 1995

          Dear Leishmaniacs:

          The final schedule for the Parasitism Gordon conference
          follows.  Hope to see you there!

        Biology of Parasitism 1995 Gordon Conference Schedule       2/6/95
                Colby-Sawyer College, New Hampshire         June 25-30, 1995
        Steve Beverley (Harvard Medical School), Chair
        Jim McKerrow (UC San Francisco), Vice-Chair

        Vector Biology             Tony James, UC Irvine
        Tony James                Molecular genetic manipulations of mosquitoes
        Mohammed Shahabudin (NIH)  Plasmodium chitinase for mosquito midgut 
        Tony Lanzaro (NIH)         Leishmania-vector species complexes and infer
                                   ences for disease severity
        David Severson (Wisconsin)    Mapping of parasite-refractory genes in

        Apicomplexan Genetics       David Roos, U. Pennsylvania
        David Roos                Genetic tools for Toxoplasma and related
        John Boothroyd (Stanford)     Molecular genetic analysis of invasion by 
        Tom Wellems (NIH)         Genetics and transfection of P. falciparum:
                             antigenic variation and drug resistance
        Dyann Wirth (Harvard)       Transformation studies on gene expression in
                                    the sexual stage of malaria

        Virulence Factors           Sam Turco, University of Kentucky
        Sam Turco                Molecular genetics of LPG Biosynthesis 
        William Petri (U. Virginia)    Transfection and Entamoeba pathogenesis
        Miercio Pereira (Tufts)       Trans-sialidase and virulence factors in 
                                    Chagas' Disease
        Steve Hajduk (Alabama)      Resistance of trypanosomes to mammalian
        Organelles                 Jean Feagin, Seattle Biomedical Institute
        Jean Feagin                Apicomplexan organelle genomes
        Randall Howard (Seattle)      Formation of P. falciparum rhoptries
        CC Wang (UCSF)           Glycosome biogenesis
        Paul Englund (Johns Hopkins)  Replication of kinetoplast DNA
        Immunology               Phil Scott, U. Pennsylvania
        Phil Scott                 Altering the development and dominant of T
                                   helper subsets in leishmaniasis
        Don Harn (Harvard)         Sticky sugars, B cells and Immune Regulation
        Ed Pearce (Cornell)        Why do schistosome eggs induce Th2
        Jean Langhorne (Imperial)     T cell response and cytokine induction in 
                                      a mouse malaria model

        Cell Biology               Fran Gillin, UC San Diego
        Fran Gillin                Differentiation of Giardia lamblia
        David Sibley (Wash. U)     Protein secretion and host cell
                                   modification in Toxoplasma
        David Russell (Wash. U)    The interface between Leishmania and the
        Isaura Meza (Mexico City)  Structural organization and cell signaling
                                    in Entamoeba histolytica
        Anticoagulation & Parasitology   Alison Agnew, Imperial College
        Alison Agnew              Hemostatic problems for blood-dwelling
        H.C. Hemker (U. Limburg)    Overview of coagulation pathways
        Jose Ribeiro (U. Arizona)   Salivary antihemostatic compounds from
                                     blood-sucking arthropods
        Roy Sawyer (Biopharm)       Anticoagulation by leeches
        Helminth Developmental Biology    Debbie Smith, Imperial College
        Debbie Smith              Helix-loop-helix proteins of Trichinella
        Collette Britton (UCSF)       Function and developmental regulation of
                                      nematode cystein proteases
        Doug Jasmer (Washington State)Role of the daf4 gene family in C. elegans
        Phil LoVerde (SUNY Buffalo)  Regulated gene expression in schistosomes
        Biochemistry & Drug Design     Buddy Ullman, Oregon Health Sciences U.
        Buddy Ullman              HGPRT: a potential target for antiparasitic
                                   drug development
        Charles Craik (UCSF)        New approaches to drug design for
                                     infectious diseases
        Meg Phillips (UT Dallas)      Structure/function analysis of
                                     trypanosome ODC
        Wim Hol (U. Washington)     Protein crystallography and infectious

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