[Leish-l] A terrible loss to medical entomology

jeffrey shaw jayusp at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 11 11:38:48 BRST 2013

Dear friends, it is with a deep sorrow that I inform you the loss of a young and great researcher, Alexandre Peixoto. He died yesterday after an accident when rafting in Tres Rios, state of Rio. Besides his extraordinary work on genetic entomology, including sandflies, he was a very good friend. claude (Primez)(claude.pirmez at gmail.com)f
Science has tragically lost one of its most brilliant medical entomologists. Alexandre was a Howard Hughes research fellow and his group in the Instituto Oswaldo Cruz in Rio was a world reference for genetical studies on insects of medical importance. His work with his students on sand flies revolutionized our concepts of the south american vectors of visceral leishmaniasis.
Jeffrey Shaw

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