[Leish-l] PeerJ A new Approach to Open Access Publishing

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Mon Jul 16 20:11:01 BRT 2012

Manoel Barral drew my attention to this in his blog

“People are literally dying without this information,” says Jason Hoyt, co-founder of PeerJ.
 is a new publisher of Open Access peer-reviewed journals, focused first
 on biomedical research, and then expanding to other categories of 
academic research. The company launches today with a seed round worth 
$950,000 from O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures (OATV) and O’Reilly Media. Tim
 O’Reilly will join the company’s board and play a crucial role in 
helping PeerJ obtain quality research to publish in its first edition. - Scheduled for Dec.2012

For more details check out the PeerJ blog (http://blog.peerj.com/)

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