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ALEXANDRE BARBOSA REIS alexreis at nupeb.ufop.br
Thu Apr 26 22:42:17 BRT 2012

Dear All

Find enclosed the Flyer of the II International Symposium on Leishmaniasis Vaccines (Leishvaccines 2012). I would ask everyone to disclose this symposium. The Leishvaccines 2012 will be a meeting specifically devoted to discussion vaccines for Leishmaniasis. 
Visit our website ([www.leishvaccines2012.ufop.br/ -> http://www.leishvaccines2012.ufop.br/]).
Contact e-mail: islv2012 at gmail.com 

I hope for you here in Ouro Preto!

Thank you!
Alexandre Reis


Alexandre Barbosa Reis

Prof. de Parasitologia Clínica da Escola de Farmácia EF/UFOP

Pesquisador do Laboratório de Imunopatologia, NUPEB/UFOP

alexreis at nupeb.ufop.br alexreis at nupeb.ufop.br 

Tel: (31) 35591694

Pesquisador do Laboratório de Imunologia Celular e Molecular IRR/FIOCRUZ/MG
alexreis at cpqrr.fiocruz.br alexreis at cpqrr.fiocruz.br 
Tel: (31) 33497775
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