[Leish-l] VL in elderly_Italy

Luigi Gradoni luigi.gradoni at iss.it
Fri Apr 13 04:50:44 BRT 2012

here in Italy we have great experience in 
treating elderly patients for VL. I agree that 
Ambisome is the best (only) choice, administered 
with precautions of monitoring lab parameters.
For those who are interested in age-related 
leishmaniasis in Italy, please find attached a 
graph showing some 1300 VL cases reported by age 
group who were diagnosed in my lab at Istituto 
Superiore di Sanità, Rome (www.iss.it) and 
treated with L-AmB in different hospitals. Those 
40 patients above 70 years old included several 
cases in the 90-99 yrs age subgroup, who were all treated successfully.
The attached data are unpublished, so please 
treat them for information exchange only.


Luigi Gradoni

Head, Section of Vector-borne Diseases & International health
Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome

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>Hello Giovanni: My experience with LV is at the 
>moment very little, but I am thinking about the 
>treatment to him. I think it is important not to 
>put at risk with some risky drugs this old 
>patient and try to be very cautious. I prefer 
>Anfo liposomal with a close control of 
>laboratory parameters (specially renal funtion)
>Please tell us about the outcome !
>Best regards
>Dr. Tomás A. Orduna
>Jefe de Servicio
>Patologías Regionales y Medicina Tropical (CEMPRA-MT)
>Hospital de Infecciosas F. J. Muñiz
>Uspallata 2272 (C.P. 1282)
>Buenos Aires - Argentina
>T.E.:(54-11) 4305-3161
>T.E.:Conmutador:(+54-11) 4305-0357/1944(int.231)
>Fax: (+54-11) 4304-2386
><mailto:torduna at intramed.net>torduna at intramed.net
>PS: In 1997 I had the great opportunity to know 
>your hopsital and to learn about dengue with Dra 
>Ana Maria Acevedo before we have the first 
>outbreak in Argentina. I remember that time with an special acknowledgment.
>De: tropmed-l-bounces at lineu.icb.usp.br 
>[tropmed-l-bounces at lineu.icb.usp.br] en nombre 
>de Kleber Luz [klebergluz at gmail.com]
>Enviado el: lunes, 09 de abril de 2012 22:11
>Para: tropmed-L at lineu.icb.usp.br
>Asunto: [Tropmed-l] LV patiente 92y old
>Hello every body! Today i had done a diagnose of 
>VL in a patient 92 y old, test fast test was 
>positive and the bone marrow aspireted was 
>positive with a lot of leishmanias. Does anyone 
>had a patient like this. He was HIV negative.
>Prof.Adjunto III -  Kleber Giovanni Luz - 
>Rua Cônego Monte, 110 - QUINTAS
>CEP 59037-170
>FONE (FAX): (84) - 3215-1603
>FONE: (84) - 3232-7948
>CEL: (84) - 9193 - 6208
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