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Dear Sir/Madam,
The Commonwealth Education Foundation, London is making the "The Handbook of Cholesterol Systems in Insects and Animals" edited by 
Jacqueline Dupont,published by the C.R.C.Press International available to Nutritionists /Researchers/Entomologists  at a substantially 
subsidized price.
The original price of this book  is $184(Rs.9200).
The contents include
Chapter I Sterols and Insects : Henry W.Kircher
II.Absence of Sterol Synthesis by Insects
III.Utilization of Sterols by Insects..A.Common Sterols..B.Less Common Sterols...C.Sterol Precursors,Nor-Sterols and Metabolites...D.Summary
IV.Status and Function of Sterols in Insects..A.Dietary Uptake and Tissue Distribution of Sterols..B.Sterols in Reproduction..C.Sterols for 
Defensive Purposes..D.Summary
V.Metabolism..A.Hydrolysis,Esterification and Conjugation..B.Introduction of Double Bonds..C.Saturation of Double Bonds..D.Dealkylation at C-
24 in the Phytosterol Side Chain..E.Truncations and Removal of the Side Chain..F.Summary
VI.Ecdysone  A.Structure..B.Biosynthesis..C.Sites of Ecdysone Biogynthesis..D.Mechanism of Action..E.Biolgical Activity..F.Ecdysteroid 
Involvement in Reproduction..G.Catabolism and Excretion..H.Phytoecdysteroids..I.Summary
Appendices 1 & 2 ...Glossaries of Sterol Names and Other Names... References
Chapter 2 Cholesterol and Membranes : Rosemarie Ostwald
I. Introduction 
II.Membrane Fuctions
III.Membrane Compostion..A.Phospholipids..B.Cholesterol
IV.Membrane Structure  A.Thermodynamic Considerations..B.Fluid-Mosaic Model..C.Asymmetry
V.Effect of Cholesterol in Membranes..A.Molecular Surface Area..B.Phase Changes,Fluidity
VI.Summary Acknowledgement and References
Chapter 3 Cholesterol Transport : Suk Yon Oh
II. Lipoproteins as Transport Vehicles 
III.Cholesterol Absorption from Intestine
IV.Lipoprotein Metabolism..A.Chylomicrons..B,C& D....Very Low Density ,Low Density and High Density Lipoproteins
V.Cholestrol Concentrations in Tissues
VI.Reverse Cholesterol Transport
VII.Cholesterol Esterification and Hydrolysis
VIII.Summary and References
Chapter 4.Cholesterol Catabolism and Bile Acid Metabolism :Satindra Goswami and Jacqueline Dupont
II.Neutral Steroids ..A.Sources in the Gastrointestinal Tract..B.Bacterial Transformations 
III.Bile Acids  A.Formation from Cholesterol....B.Bacterial Transformations ..C.Intestinal Metabolism of  Bile Acids..D.Functions of Bile 
Acids...E.Regulation of Bile Acid Metabolism
Chapter 5  Cholesterol Balance and Whole Body Kinetics :Jacqueline Dupont
II.Balance Studies..A.Chemical Balance Studies..B.Radiochemical Balance Studies ..C.Summary
III.Metabolic Pools and Whole Body Kinetics..A.The Concept of the Body Pools of Cholesterol....B.Mathematical Description of the Kinetic 
Pools....C.Physiological Interpretation of Pools...D.Differentiation of Change and Abnormalities of Pools...E.Evolution of New 

The Commonwealth Education Foundation,London, has made 
this book  available to you  for Rs.4800 only($99),including freight  packing and registered postage to 
your door.This means a saving of  Rs.4400 ($85)
To take advantage of this offer ,kindly fill out the acquisition form below  and send a draft in favor of World 
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Either way the book will reach you within three weeks.

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by Jacqueline Dupont...
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