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I am planning to attend this meeting.  Indeed as I recall I offered to help
oirganize a session.
Best regards,
Ken Stuart

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It gives us great pleasure to extend our cordial invitation to you all to
attend the Second International Congress on Leishmania and Leishmaniosis
(=leishmaniasis) or WorldLeish II, which will be held at Creta Maris Hotel,
Hersonissos, Crete, Greece from May 20-24, 2001.

In WorldLeish II, we hope to re-unite leishmaniacs from the world over by
providing a forum to all for presenting their state-of -the -art research.
Thus, scientists from all over the world will have the opportunity to share
their findings, thoughts, and progress. It is also opportune to hold this
Congress at the very beginning of this new millennium, thereby providing a
fresh impetus to our long-term aims to identify areas of interest for future
studies, and to promote interactions and cooperation among scientists from
all disciplines of relevance fo resolving the global problems of

Please send your comments and suggestions, and help us inform other
colleagues. Write or e-mail to us for your inclusion in the mailing list.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information We look forward
to hearing from you and welcoming you to Crete in 2001 for an exciting and
unforgettable scientific and cultural experience.

Contact Information

Address all inquiries for logistic and other information related to
traveling and participation to:
WorldLeish II Congress Secretariat:
Triaena Tours & Congress S.A.
Worldwide Tour Operators
Atchley House, 15,
Mesogion Ave. 1st Floor
115 26 Athens - Greece
Tel: +30-1-7499300,
Fax.: +30-1-7705752
email : congress at

Suggestions related to the scientific program (round tables,  workshops,
symposia and free communications) are welcomed. Please contact members of
the Organizing Committee via

Dr. Ketty Soteriadou
Hellenic Pasteur Institute
E-mail: ksoteriadou at
tel:  +30-1-6478841
fax: +30-1-6423498),

Dr. Ziya Alkan/ Prof. M. Ali Ozcel,
Turkish Society of Parasitology
E-mail: alkan at

Prof. K.-P. Chang
Finch University of Health Sciences/Chicago Medical School, Chicago
E-mail: changk at
tel: +1 847-578-8837
fax: +1847-578-3349.

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