L. infantum chagasi genome

N. Abazid abanima at net.sy
Tue Sep 5 15:50:20 BRT 2000

At 05.09.2000 12:31-0300, Jeffrey Shaw wrote: 
>As you may know there is considerable interest and support in Brazil for
genome studies and it has been suggested by some members of the Brazilian
scientific community that a candidate parasite for sequencing could be L.
(L.)infantum chagasi. Others, however, feel it would be wiser to finish L.
(L.)major first and then use this to looking at different regions of the
visceral parasite.

>Views of subscribers on this would be appreciated

>     I feel it would be wiser to finish L. major first, unless financial
> resources are abundant.

N. Abazid, M.D.

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