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>Subject: Trypanosomatid evolution workshop - correction Volume 95(4)
>X-Comment: Haemoparasites Discussion List, Salivarian Trypanosomes
>The proceedings of an international workshop on trypanosomatid evolution
>have now been published in Volume 95(4), July 2000, of the Memorias do
>Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, the meeting was partially sponsored by TDR/WHO. The
>proceedings include papers on the evolution of Leishmania, Trypanosoma and
>their vectors as well as the evolution of insect trypanosomatids. The full
>text of these articles can be accessed at either the website of the
>Memorias www.memorias.ioc.fiocruz or at the SciELO website
>www.scielo.br/memorias an on-line database of leading Brazilian scientific
>The articles can be visualized in HTML format or downloaded as PDF files.
>There is no charge for access at either site
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