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Wed Jul 12 11:41:42 BRT 2000

Dear Dr. Mirjalili,

I received your message today. I am currently in Lebanon on my
summer leave and will not return to Bahrain till end of August.
As for working in our institute, I have no objection to allow
you to spend sonme time in our Lab. However, you have to write
Directly to our Dean, Professor Hussam Hamdy, College of Medicine,
Arabian Gulf University, P.O.Box 22979, BAHRAIN, to obtain official
permission. You can write a preliminary letter now. As for other
information about other institutes, I unfortunately cannot help
you. You might check with Prof Modabber at TDR at WHO in Geneva.
Best of luck.

KS Tabbara
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"Ali Mirjalili" <alimirjalili at> Wrote
Tue, 11 Jul 2000 08:18:15 -0300 (EST)
 Dear Sir

 My name is Dr. Ali Mirjalili and I am an Iranian
citizen from Iran and a PhD student of medical
biotechnology in Institute Pasteur of Iran.
 As my thesis project I have been working on the
 production of monoclonal antibody against amastigote
 stage of Leishmania major. Finally I wish to
 check the immunotherapeutic effect of this
 monoclonal antibody in infected BALB/c mice. I am
 interested to perform some parts of my
 project in your institute.

 If you can provide me with any details as to how I
can apply for that or any details or information about other
 institutes or laboratories that happen to work on the
 production of monoclonal antibodies against parasites (especially
Leishmania major or other Leishmanias) I would be extremely grateful
you put me in touch or supply me with their e-mail

 You may be interested to know that I have been offered a financial
by ministry of health of  Iran (though only for the living expenditure.)
am looking forward to receiving your letter.

 Thank you very much

 Dr. A. Mirjalili

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