Leish treatment with amphotericin B

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 While I don't think that using ampho B in a few dogs will be a big hazard
 to humans, neither do I think ampho B will be successful in most dogs. They
 do not regain specific antileishmanial cellular immunity after treatment -
 and in this regard they are a "model" for the difficult situation in HIV
 infected VL patients.
 yours, RND >>

I published in a french rewiew pratique medicale et chirurgicale de l animal
de compagne a paper "A NEW PROSPECT ON CANINE LEISHMANIASIS:  The drug is
administred intraveinously as a rapid bolus (during 15 to 45 seconds) at the
dosage of 0,5 to 0,8 mg/kg two or three times a week until the cumulative dose
reaches 2 to 15 mg/kg. 
Serum creatinine measurements are performed once a week and the treatment is
stopped when values exceed 25 mg/l (220µmol/l). 

I have better results than with glucantime plus allopurinol. I discussed with
moreno in istambul  last year and he observed recovery of cd4+ after treatment
with amb
If it works on humans why couldnt it works in dogs whose immunological
condition is very similar to hiv leish infection (low cd4+, low th1
My problem is ethical because in france in the past years some parasitologist
said that resistance to antimonials could come from treated dogs.

i understant you are not a vet ( i am a praticionner ) but FUNGIZONE  is
really fantastic  for this disease in dogs if you check renal function during

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