An African Immunology listserv (FAIS)

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Tue May 13 08:06:42 BRT 1997

>Subject: An African Immunology listserv (FAIS)
>     I would be grateful if you would use your distribution networks 
>     (Leishmania listserv and Malaria Foundation, respectively) to 
>     advertise the following news.
>     Thanking you in anticipation,
>     Lars Hviid.
>     =====
>     Dear colleague,
>     During the recent 3rd Congress of the Federation of African 
>     Immunological Societies (FAIS) in Cape Town (9-13/03/97) it was 
>     decided that there is a major need for improving communication between 
>     immunologists conducting research in Africa. An obvious and 
>     cost-effective way of doing so is by improving electronic 
>     communication. It was thus decided to establish a socalled listserv, 
>     which is a sort of e-mail discussion group to which anybody interested 
>     in the field of immunological research in Africa may subscribe. After 
>     subscribing, any e-mail message you submit to the list will be 
>     automatically broadcast to all subscribers. Similarly, you will 
>     receive all messages posted to the list by other subscribers.
>     With the help of Ross Coppel, who is running a similar listserv for 
>     the malaria research community, this African immunology listserv 
>     (called FAIS) is now up and running. Below you'll find instructions on 
>     how to subscribe to the list etc.
>     I sincerely hope that you will find this initiative a helpful tool in 
>     your research activities, and shall be pleased to hear any comments 
>     you may have regarding the list.
>     Yours sincerely,
>     Lars Hviid
>     Department of Infectious Diseases M7641 Copenhagen University Hospital 
>     - Rigshospitalet Tagensvej 20
>     2200 Copenhagen N
>     Denmark
>     Tel. (+45) 35 45 73 75
>     Fax  (+45) 35 45 76 44
>     e-mail: lhcmp at
>     --------------------
>     This discussion group/mailing list is available for discussions in the 
>     field of research specifically related to Immunology in Africa.  
>     Subscription to this list can be done by sending an e-mail to 
>     listserv at  with a message of
>     subscribe fais Your Personal Name
>     e.g.
>     subscribe fais Lars Hviid
>     NOTE: Your e-mail address is automatically collected from the "reply 
>     to:" header in your message, so DO NOT provide your e-mail address on 
>     the subscribe line, it is ignored and looks silly when other users 
>     retrieve the 'recipients' information.
>     Once subscribed you can send messages to all members of this list by 
>     e-mailing your message to
>     fais at
>     For help, write to malariamgr at
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