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Subject: Research needed: leishmaniasis (fwd)

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                   RESEARCH NEEDED

LEISHMANIASIS: Call for recombinant molecules for a  "cocktail"
vaccine and testing laboratories.

The Steering Committee on Vaccines for leishmaniasis recommends
that, to help develop second generation vaccines, a group of
recombinant molecules together as a "cocktail" (rather than single
molecules independently) be considered. Choice of molecules in the
cocktail must be made on the basis of criteria such as protective
activity in experimental animals, reactivity to peripheral monocytes
from humans recovered from leishmaniasis (and assumed to be
immune), ease of production by recombinant technology, stability,
innocuity, distant from human components, etc. Participants willing
to donate their recombinant molecule(s) for collaborative research
are now being sought.

Molecules will be tested individually by one or more independent
laboratories. Following selection, the cocktail vaccine will then be
tested.  Facilities for manufacturing recombinant vaccines under
Good Manufacturing Practice are being prepared. Laboratories are
now being sought, primarily in developing/endemic countries, to test
recombinant vaccine candidates in collaboration with the SC. The
laboratories should have experience in murine experimental
leishmaniasis, special pathogen free mouse colonies, and be willing
to perform routine testing.

Those interested should contact :
Dr Farrokh Modabber, Manager, Steering Committee on Vaccines
for Leishmaniasis, WHO/TDR, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland -
Tel.(+41) 22-791-3879 - Fax: (+41) 22-791-4854.

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