Sorry Re: Tania C. Araujo

Francisco Caviedes caviedes at
Mon Mar 6 09:27:31 BRT 1995

        I am very embarrassed, and i want to apologise to all.
        I have send, a mail in which I was looking for a Brasilian
researcher (Tania Araujo). 
        I know that she works at Oswaldo Cruz Institute etc..
        I sendt a mail attemptin to reache  somoe
(wim at at FioCruz alone, but by error y attached Lish-l
         Therefor I apologise with all of you, for that messy mail

        Dr Paulo Andrade was so kinde to help me, and I am very gratefull
with him, and all of tou for your interest.
        Thanks again 
Francisco Caviedes
caviedes at
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Instituto de investigaciones biomédicas UNAM México D.F.
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