Help Wanted

Francisco Caviedes caviedes at
Thu Mar 2 10:20:52 BRT 1995

        I am looking for Tania C. Araujo_jorge e-mail addres. 
        She asked me for a reprint of our work on Trypanosome cruzi.        
        I know that she is at your institution,
        colud you be so kind to help me?
        If you can give her my mail addres, it will be a greate help.
Francisco Caviedes
caviedes at
Departamento de genética y toxicología ambiental
Instituto de investigaciones biomédicas UNAM México D.F.
A.P. 70228 C.P. 04510
Tel (525) 6223871
fax (525) 5500048
CD Universitaria México

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